123 Alcuin Avenue, York, YO10 3TN

Added 19th December 2016

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1. Pretty neutral about this one. Avoid if you like throwing parties

By melarish - stayed here from 3rd November 2012 to 26th June 2013

Fairly large 3-bed student house, which also means it's really cold. So it looked affordable at first but the electric bills hit quite hard. Good location for getting to uni, not so much for city centre. There's a small locked back yard (something you definitely want for any bikes since it's Tang Hall after all). The landlord wasn't very friendly. I was actually taking the place of a previous tenant who got so tired of him not fixing problems she just left. We had to scrub mould in the bathroom ourselves. On the bright side, he didn't charge us for the payments she missed (it's a shared contract, so beware of this! We would have disputed our end of tenancy cleaning charges but we didn't dare)

The walls are too thin and the neighbours are very rude. They'll come complain to you for chatting and laughing when it's past 11PM. If you like to throw late night parties you'll almost certainly get in trouble.

Hidden treasure: we found a random bag of Christmas decorations under the staircase and made good use of those!

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