52 Fourth Avenue, York, YO31 0UH

Added 19th December 2016

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1. Beware of burglars (both the traditional and the letting agent kind)

By melarish - stayed here from 7th July 2014 to 29th June 2015

This house looked like a nice cheap place for 5 people but I think in the end we lost so much money it wasn't really worth it. There's frequent visitors to your back yard and the bike shed only holds about two so if all you 5 have bikes, you're out of luck. If you forget to lock your kitchen door, your friendly neighbourhood burglar will jump on the chance. Sometimes they just break in as well (Google "york press fourth avenue burglar" if you don't believe me). And then at the end of the year, the letting agents will try to milk you for as much deposit as possible - they tried to take 500 from us, we disputed and got 120 back.

Otherwise, it's pretty much a standard student house - you get what you pay for. The garden is nice with cherry, apple and plum trees. If you like making jam or cider you're in luck.

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