23 Wolsley Street, York, YO10 5BQ

Added 19th December 2016

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1. Great student house!

By melarish - stayed here from 20th July 2013 to 7th July 2014

This was my favourite home in York! It's so close to the uni, not far from shops and the city centre and it was really affordable (£280-290 a month per room with water/elec included). It's quite small but that meant it heats up easily - I think it was the only place I lived where I never felt cold! The decor is quite old-fashioned but I liked it. The landlady's a bit eccentric and likes coming round randomly (not because she suspects you of anything but she just likes visiting her houses) but I didn't mind. Only thing I disliked - if you're in the far upstairs room next to the bathroom and your housemate likes going in the middle of the night, the flush is so loud it'll wake you up!

The house is only rented to students; otherwise I'd have stayed longer!

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