Flat 55, York, YO10 4FF

Added 19th December 2016

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1. Really dark. Also make sure to check the mould problem has been sorted!

By melarish - stayed here from 29th June 2015 to 14th September 2016

When I first moved in, it seemed like the perfect place - roomy, great location, not too expensive (£700/mo for the whole 2-bed flat). Then I started getting really bad skin problems and it took me months to realise there was mould in the house (it wasn't visible until about spring but I had problems since autumn). Not something I'd expect from a house built this recently! The landlord said he'd get it sorted once we leave so I'd recommend checking up on that. Check for a musty smell in one of the bedrooms.

Another thing I really disliked - it's so dark! It faces north and is on the ground floor with big buildings in the way. I'd frequently sleep until 9-10 because my body clock didn't think it was morning yet.

On the brighter side, we could fit 20 people for house parties, there's grocery stores all around and it's a short walk to the riverside.

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