23 Ancroft Street, Manchester, M15 5JW

Added 3rd November 2016

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1. Good property but insomniacs beware!

By Lost_Species - stayed here from 28th January 2013 to 1st November 2016

Property has some good points and a few things potential renters need to be aware of. Firstly it's a great location being just opposite a UFO landing pad (research Hulme Park) and reasonably comfortable. However, there are 8 air con units outside the main bedroom. These run intermittently 24 hours a day and the windows do NOT block the sound. The front room also gets a lot of noise intrusion from the beeping crossing directly out front and of course traffic noise. Heating is poor quality but works, however you must take care to close doors as in winter icy wind gets funnelled under the door front making the storage heater in the hallway useless. If anything goes wrong be prepared for a war of attrition. I had to fight for three years to get some fire hazard repairs done! At times chasing the letting agents Thornley Groves on a daily basis for any response. Furnishings are shabby but serviceable. Oh and never expect a delivery driver to ever be able to find you... Ever!

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