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Added 7th October 2016

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1. Psychotic landlord

By lnd - stayed here from 23rd November 2013 to 15th September 2016

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The flat is fine, the location is in the centre of Dalston meaning the noise from local bars and drunks is constant, not just at weekends. The outside of the flat is always covered in rubbish and you regularly bump into people peeing outside, or sometimes directly on the front door. In the Summer the smell from this and the bins is appalling.
The landlord lives in the BVI and refuses to let an agency manage the property for him. This means often things go unfixed without a response for days or weeks whilst he is out of signal. he would also have phone conversations with us agreeing to fix things or come back to us, then claim he had no memory of the conversations. We didn't have a working fridge for three weeks in the Summer, hot water for well over a week, a washing machine for some time. Any time something did break and we got qualified repair people out he never trusted their diagnosis of the issue and always suggested ways we could live with the problem, fix it ourselves (just take a day to scrub off the mould and paint over yourselves) or my favourite - he would turn up unannounced letting himself into the property to attempt to fix himself. We were terrified the first time coming home to a scruffy man we'd never met in the flat, He was then 'furious' we hadn't replaced a bulb when we didn't even know he was coming! He then said he would need to crash on the sofa. As two females we said we were not comfortable with this and after this disagreement his attitude to us was always incredibly rude angry and distrusting. We became terrified of having to contact him about anything. I had terrible anxiety because of it.
The fix to the boiler he performed, by switching over some wires was deemed incredibly unsafe by a professional, a fix to a leaky toilet fell apart again within a week. Meanwhile we received emails when we asked if we could fix things that had been broken for three weeks saying 'As a landlord I don't have to jump when a tenant asks me to'. Or long, rants about how all repairmen were 'crooks' trying to rip him off.
He yelled at our agency who drew up the original contract calling them stupid when they suggested he had been overcharging us for the past year and should have let them know of the increase. We paid the extra £200 per month rather than go through the stress of moving at a difficult time or trying to reason with an incredibly unstable unreasonable man.
I'm so relieved to be out of there, not being filled with dread seeing an email from him or finding him in our flat. I will say we did get our deposits back which I was really shocked about seeing how tight he was about ever spending any money but we kept the property in perfect condition.
His name is Tim Pilkington and apparently has 9 other properties in the area, I wish we could have asked for references from other tenants before moving in! An awful experience I'd rather forget.

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Reply to lnd:
Tim.a.pilkington@gmail.com said:

Tenants wre isabel lara schilling and lucy rawson. They had a carpet beetle infestation during their tenancy due to not vacuuming regularly.

on 21st February 2019 at 1:18am
Tim.a.pilkington@gmail.com said:

So you decided to stay there for almost three years with this terrible landlord? Things got fixed, the letting agents Atkinson McKelod were crooks, and I fix things myself when i can because I have an engineering background and I don't trust inexperienced London rentayob at stupid pounds an hour. The visits were always arranged in advance with the lead tenant. It's a great flat in that location which is why you stayed. Check your tenant responsibilities and tenancy law before whingeing about the suggestion you do a bit of cleaning in the bathroom and that if you want something repainted you do it yourself, it's not a landlord obligation.

on 21st February 2019 at 12:57am