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Added 7th October 2016

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1. Avoid these people!! Zero stars.

By Bobbin - stayed here from 1st November 2015 to 1st May 2016

I found the flat through Thornley grove. Looked nice enough inside. On the moving day, the landlord hadn't given all the keys to the estate agent leaving md stood outside the flat with the removal van for 40 mins.

The fridge wasn't working, the landlord (TIC) handy man told me it was even though my food was going off as soon as I'd bought it. Came home one Friday night to find the handyman had let himself in my flat & dumped a second dirty fridge in the middle of my front room & not taken the other away. Was never moved so I had to pull it out into the hallway where it was left for about 5 months.

They will rent the flats to anyone. The next door neighbour next to me was finally evicted after multiple visits from the police with drug fuelled parties that the previous rehab had complained about. The smoke from his weed filled my flat until he left. The woman below me had mental health issues, didn't work. Her hobby as soon as I'd get in would be to throw stuff over & over at her ceiling my floor until about 3am most nights. The landlord was really unhelpful with the letter & just posted her a letter telling her to stop. She then started staring in through my window at night (she was in the basement flat & my flat was ground floor) I had to call the police & she finally stopped. This same tenant had lived there before & had left because the church bells were too loud & she had tried getting all the tenants to sign a petition to get them stopped..

Then I had a leak in the bedroom. The handyman said I hadn't. Sent photos to the landlord who did nothing. In the meantime the wall affected grew black mould. Again I sent photos to the landlord, months of emails & angry calls later it was cleaned off but in doing so the damaged my antique wardrobe dragging it across the bedroom floor & where the leak had seeped into the carpet & blown the wood. The landlord offered to fix it & then backtracked saying I couldn't prove they'd done it?!

After all the stuff that had happened & frequent visits from the handy man without being given notice or having my permission the landlord aggreeed that the contract had been broken so allowed me to break out of the contract. It took time to find another flat so I ended up being there almost the 6 months I'd signed for.

6 months having not lived in the flat & im still having problems with the landlord paying a water bill that was included in the rent. I'm currently going through a small claims court to get them to pay as per the contract. Finally, after speaking to Shelter, they told me I'd been paying over double for my water!!

Avoid TIC landlords. They own a lot of flats on this road & avoid Thornley Grove estate agents.

The new landlord & flat have been a dream!

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