3 Richmond Road, Basingstoke, RG21 5NX

Added 16th May 2014

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1. Beautiful house, many rules, lots of negatives

By Clairebw1 - stayed here from 1st February 2013 to 25th October 2013

Lived here with Lorraine Hughes, my landlady for 6 months.

She went into my room on a regular basis. Turned off my radiator and wouldn't let me have the heating on even during the winter. Did not let me have access to the hot water tank to turn it on for showers. Often found myself having cold showers.

Was confined to my room and not welcome to use the rest of the house. Lorraine turned the internet off regularly. I Moved out after she took a fuse out of my fan heater whilst I popped to the shops.

This was a very stressful place to live.

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