6A Hillside Gardens, London, N6 5ST

Added 6th October 2016

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1. Awful property management by Chancellors. moved out due to noise from kids in flat above.

By mrnick - stayed here from 6th October 2006 to 6th June 2013

Typical rental flat - could be really nice with some TLC but landlord did everything on the cheap.

It was a quiet flat until a family with 2 children moved in - then it was a nightmare as they would run around all day and wake us up at 6am. I moved out as a result. They put carpet upstairs but it did nothing for the sound.

Chancellors Property Management were the absolute worst... seriously don't ever deal with them... ever. Nothing ever got fixed on time, requests got forgotten, no one ever called back. Staff turned over like no tomorrow and nothing was passed on.

We had scaffolding for 6 months while they tried to paint the front. They did such a bad job the paint was peeling off a month later. We also had personal stuff broken several times by "handymen" who had no idea what they were doing.

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