36 Craven Street, Coventry, CV5 8DU

Added 6th October 2016

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1. Grasping landlord, damp flat

By dme123 - stayed here from 1st September 2014 to 20th September 2016

Flat was cheap, but pretty grotty and obviously had no money spent on it for years. I had to prompt to landlord to put my deposit in the DPS having heard from previous tenants that he stung them with made up deductions, his preference being for young female tenants from overseas.

Flat was incredibly damp, had to run a dehumidifier 24/7 to stop everything going mouldy.

When I did leave the place was immaculate but he made up £90 of charges. Challenged it, and once he realised his normal hustle wasn't going to work I ended up giving him a token £10 for him to wipe a wall clean.

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