158 Broadfield Road, London, SE6 1TH

Added 6th October 2016

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By R - stayed here from 29th June 2015 to 29th December 2015

The worst experience ever, the landlord not only was accessing personal belongings without authorisation, but also faked damages in the property and then took us to court to claim money for her home improvements. Telling the court that her boyfriend left her and she is now on benefits, so this money is vital for her. She also hired a gas engineer to do inspection of boiler, who damaged it and refused to admit, so landlord decided to claim this from tenants. Also wanted to charge £40 for 4 cheap light bulbs. The fence has been blown by wind - again, claim on tenants deposit. £10 to move armchair back to the room as it was at the move in - the room was next door. In the end - she has taken only one tenant to court for the reason that she did not like tenants occupation.
Previous tenants were also on a very long dispute as she hired an expensive company to cut the shrubs in the garden, which was claimed at £250. And this was just a 6 months tenancy.
Accused of sub-letting without reasonable evidence too.

I should also note, that she asked her friend living next door to keep an eye on us, so the friend was receiving parcels several times a week at our address.
Not only worst experience in 10 years renting a property in London, but also causing serious health issues due to nonsense verbal attacks.

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