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Added 3rd October 2016

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1. Property looks great / but man is it not

By nikes - stayed here from 3rd July 2015 to 3rd October 2016

The property is visually impressive and spacious, and well located. It is just a major shame that there is no sound proofing in any of the property either in the roof, or windows, this coupled with some terrible neighbours really ruins what could be a great spot.

Upon moving in you will soon be able to hear crystal clearly every conversation / cough / movement of furniture being scraped along the laminate flooring of the tenants living directly above. The sound insulation and underlay is non existent, and this is compounded with the couple that live in the property above being ignorant towards noise, often loud when entering and leaving the shared hallway area, slamming the street front door at 6am in the morning, and just generally being annoying with domestics. The guy in the couple also works from home and hardly ever leaves the property during the week, playing music for most of the day time which is a real blast.

The landlord owns both properties but has no desire to rectify.

On top of this you will also have to contend with an incredibly noisy street that the property backs onto, directly opposite a bus stop and traffic lights where buses will often be at a standstill vibrating the living room walls and top deck passengers looking directly into your place. The Budget Supermarket stays open until 12.30am during the week and 2.30am at which point the staff there will slam a loud old shutter down on the shop each night which will wake you up. They will then hang outside in the back shouting at each other just to make sure you are awake.

Finally the glacier cherry is the second hand furniture emporium next door that unloads van loads of furniture constantly throughout the day, all as noisily as possible.


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