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1. Flat 2 Sloane Court Isleworth TW7 4JU 28 Grove Road

By Mihaela - stayed here from 19th September 2014 to 15th September 2016

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I have been renting this flat for the last two years and since day1 I had issues over issues, most of them not resolved even now! I found this flat advertised with Chase Buchanan Isleworth, conducted the viewings with them and agreements liaised with them for when we move in; On the day we were signing the contract I was told that there is another company that we will sign the contract IRD Homes and they will be acting as the letting agent/landlord; the contract was signed from my side at Chase Buchanan Isleworth office, but I had to go to IRD Homes office on the same day to sign their side. IRD Homes office is at the same location in Sloane Court no. 16. I want to mention this is not an office that you would think any letting agent has, it's a house that you would not know there is a company listed at that place from the outside; next door to it lives the owner of this company with his family. At this moment it became clear that they used Chase Buchanan as a bait to attract good tenants due to their reputation as no one would rent directly from them; Complete lack of professionalism, manners, transparency and many others that carried on as I carried on my tenancy.

Issues over these two years:

1. On day one they failed to clean the flat as agreed to move in; I cleaned it at my own expense
2. No inventory check in performed - I asked Chase Buchanan to do one when I moved in and outline clearly all issues as the fee we paid to them included inventory at check in.
3. No keys provided to windows/patio doors on day 1 - flat was freshly painted - for two weeks with a small child I had to breathe all the paint vaporous; even today one key to one patio door has not been provided.
4. Growing moulds in all rooms being a ground floor even in the kitchen - mostly during winter; linked with the fact a key was not provided to ventilate it properly - nothing was done when we reported it again and again
5. Freezer doors all broken when I moved in; I was asked if I didn't notice when I did the viewing and that too bad now, it's too late and it means I agreed to it; I did force for them to be changed via inventory check but nothing was done
6. Repairs are always done with delays after multiple attempts and only if you threaten them with withholding deposit, you give up eventually but important things like hot water which is provided by a heated tank had to be sorted.
7. After contract was signed no copy was provided to us, even today we do not have a signed copy of our agreement; same with insurance of the deposit when it changed the ownership to the landlord (we found meanwhile that actually the flat has a private landlord this way).
8. Constant changes to rules of communal space, not sure in what capacity they are deciding this, it was never clear to me and when I asked no reply from their side - it started from being able to stay in garden and do barbecues to no step on the grass/nor barbecues.
9. They do not have any in house complains procedure nor signed with any redress scheme (which is a criminal offence by current laws) so if you have any complains they never reply unless it's serves their interest (ie you threaten withholding deposit).
10. Harassment and policing around the property; getting questions to what you throw at the bins, what bags you use to throw the rubbish, where we going if on the grass, different rules to different residents at Sloane Court; some can keep garden furniture some can't; some can step on the grass some can't and so on.
11. Served noticed when complained last time under 21 act and even now they are failing to communicate what is the termination procedure, check out report etc. they only replied when I wrote to them mentioning their notice is null as we do not have a document certifying our deposit is protected and that was send to us instantly!
12. Lots of rats at the bins since we moved in that they do not tackle; originally they said it's from an old abandoned building next to the premises of Sloane Court, now a new block of flats has been build on that area but the bins are still full of rats that wonder around the garden at night.
13. Fees are not transparent and of course you would not know about them as you come via a different agent, so only when you sign with them the contract they become clear (which if you don't have much time left in between moves you end up stuck like I did!!)

We have talked to other neighbours at Sloane Court and they had the same feedback on IRD Homes and the staff and could not wait to leave the premises and terminate the contract with them.

Above all it's the rudeness, lack of transparency, arrogance and constant harassment from these people at IRD Homes; as mentioned they live at the property and they act like they own the space; another example, they park anywhere they want on the grounds including allocated private parking spaces if the owner is not there, but if you have a visitor for a couple of hours to park in your own space it's no; many times we came home and our spot was taken by one of their staff; once my childminder was dropping of my daughter and stopped the car in front of the gates but left enough space for cars to come in/out ; I was going to go pick up my daughter from the car and this guy told off the childminder that she should move the car, what if it's a fire and there is no access? In the next two minutes ??

Please google yourself about IRD Homes, Bestowe Ltd (was put as landlord on my contract) and S D Investments (we pay the rent to this company) - all owned by Sunil Dhown and Kamni Dhown (at least these two live at the property; internet mentions of a Richard Elby in the picture as well but never dealt with him).

So as a final warning, they use high street agencies to attract tenants and then you end up with them in the contract and they will manage all the aspects of your tenancy agreement during your stay there. We paid 1350 for this flat during this time but looking in perspective considering all the hassle with these people, high expenses as it's all electric including heating; the moulds on the flat and others it was not a good choice.

I can't even rate them one star as it means they are doing something!

Ah, one more - I asked to be provided with the landlord contact no / address to submit a complain as his agency is failing to reply and make sure he is aware of all the issues and no reply whatsoever - this is legal requirement to be provided and failure to do so it's a criminal offence again (The civil law right is under s48 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1987, and The criminal law right is under s1 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985).

Please avoid working with these people and rent somewhere else, Isleworth is full of 2 beds flats with garden access or balcony!

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Reply to Mihaela:
Ray03 said:

Hi Mihaela, Thank you for posting the review, it was really insightful. This property has gone up for sale and I am interested in buying it, however I wanted to get your advice seeing as you have lived there. Would you see your issues were because you were renting (i.e with the landlord) or we're these general issues (i.e with the management company)? The seller of the property is still the same. Thanks, Ray

on 3rd April 2018 at 9:33pm