Dairy Close, The Drive, Uckfield, TN22 2HD

Added 23rd August 2016

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1. Severe rising damp - avoid

By critical thought - stayed here from 1st March 2014 to 30th September 2015

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The location of this property is delightful but don't be fooled, internally it is awful. There is severe rising damp affecting internal as well as external walls with damp meter readings reaching 100% in some walls. Black mould grows readily on many of the walls and mould also grew on our furniture. Food e.g. flour, kept in a kitchen cupboard became mouldy and salt, in a standard carton dissolved, in the damp. This is an old property, probably originally built as a cattle shed. There are no wall cavities and at least one of the walls is one single brick thick. This wall leaks water through to the inside in wet weather and there are several examples of bubbling paint due to the damp. It is very cold in winter and the landlord charges over the market rate for heating oil. The widows run with condensation and mould also grows on the internal surface of the back door. At the end of the rental some of our clothing and shoes, in internal cupboards, was mouldy and stank of mould. Some of it still does.
The landlord knows about the problem but takes little interest and appears to be in denial. He thinks that opening windows is the solution. The letting agent, Batcheller Thacker in Haywards Heath have long known about the problem but have not done anything effective about it. They were quite happy to rent it out again after we left.
In our final inspection, damp was mentioned some 12 times and cited as a health hazard. Surprisingly we remained healthy despite the extensive mould but I would not recommend trying it.

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Reply to critical thought:
critical thought said:

Apologies, the agent is Batcheller Monkhouse in Haywards Heath

on 23rd August 2016 at 7:46am