60 Cartier House, Leeds, LS10 1JT

Added 3rd August 2016

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1. Lovely flat, crappy letting agents

By rater9897 - stayed here from 1st January 2015 to 29th June 2016

The flat itself is lovely and in good condition. The location is great and it is perfect for a single person or a couple. It's a short walk from Leeds city centre and has a car park right behind it where you can rent a space on a monthly basis. The letting agent wasn't the most efficient when it came to repairs or general enquiries. The only reason we moved out of this flat was because we grew out of it and needed more space. Also, Leeds Dock was on the up, with Sky moving in, a bar opening up and coffee shops and events so the rent was going to be put up by £100 pcm. For not a lot more money we got a flat with triple the space, two bedrooms and two bathrooms that was closer to town.

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