14 Brook Road, Stockport, SK4 5BZ

Added 29th July 2016

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1. Damp & Mould Included

By Billy - stayed here from 1st October 2009 to 5th May 2016

The worst experience in all my renting years with this awful agency. Peter Anthony Letting Agents were thrust upon us when the property was sold. Having to sleep in the hallway because of penetrating damp and severe mould issues was of no concern to them. Hiking my rent twice, first by 25% and then 15.5% was the only thing they performed with expertise. No 24hrs written notice from this lot with contractors. They also committed a criminal/summary offence by failing to provide landlord’s details under Section 1 L/T Act 1985 (it turned out that the landlords were in fact two directors of Peter Anthony Letting Agents). Their written replies to complaints are classic examples of ‘fob offs’ constantly avoiding the addressing of any issues raised. Another outraged tenant of 16years gave notice when they, without any indication of their intentions, wanted us to move out to paint over all the damp and mould for the benefit of potential buyers visiting the next day. They posted a string of malicious untrue statements regarding the circumstances on a review site. There is so much that needs addressing about this company that I have produced a short introductory video. They even tried to get this taken down by making a false statement to Google. People may find a viewing worthwhile before dealing with this agency. Just type Peter Anthony Letting Agents into YouTube.

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