Flat 8, Cambridge, CB4 1DZ

Added 4th July 2016

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1. Do not go with Leaders Ltd

By jyothish - stayed here from 1st May 2015 to 31st October 2015

I rented this house from Leaders Ltd (previously known as Accent Property Management). The max initial agreement was allowed only for 6 months and an extension after that. But after six months they asked to move saying the landlord wants to come back. And we had to move. Later my friends who were staying in the near by flats told me that this happened to few other tenants as well.

About the agent, after getting into this home we tried our best to get small things like changing the curtain or cleaning/changing the carpet as it was worn and very very old. But no one turned up. And as I had a kid, I had to clean it myself soon. And finally while moving from this home, they started charging saying the carpet was not cleaned. They started lying saying we broke the sink and there is a crack etc etc. They asked me to pay £250 as an initial amount while leaving and then they will tell another amount after analyzing the damage. We were not agreeing with them and decided to go with the dispute service. The moment I said this, they said the landlord wanted to view the home and then at the end it seems the landlord came and charged me just £50 for general wear and tear. I learned a lot from this. I dont understand why they behave like this to the tenants. I never suggest Leaders to any of my friends.

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