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1. Definitely Avoid. Terrible landlord - ignored my emails, messages, calls. Took my deposit. Disorganized

By Honest renter 9999 - stayed here from 2nd October 2015 to 5th April 2016

Beverley-Anne (Landlord) seemed like a nice person at first but in all she was a terrible landlord. In my opinion she should not be in business. Irresponsible and terribly ignorant. Avoid Avoid.

Key points:
This Landlord will ignore your concerns
Facilities are left below standard for extended periods of time
Impossible to contact

There were issues with the electricity in the kitchen early on. This left the other tenants and myself without the ability to boil the kettle or to do a load of washing without tripping the fuze. Obviously this was very inconvenient. While I was living there, at least 4 different "repair men" came to fix the problem (Some of them even came without any Tools). This went on for at least 3 months (from 31.12.2015 till 5.4.2016) and the problem was still there when I left. The shower pump also had stopped working so the pressure in the shower was depressing. This problem took around 2 months to fix. I would ask for an update on the progress once a week or so - this request usually seemed to be ignored.

Her daughter "Alexis" was living in the house too in the upstairs room. Alex took on the task of spying on myself and the other lodgers, reporting to Beverley when we had guests stay over night which I was only aware of after Beverley decided to with-hold part of my deposit of £50 per week for an extra guest - this amount was never mentioned previously. I had also had a discussion with her before taking the room about my girlfriend being able to stay occasionally (who was my only guest) as we lived in separate countries. Beverley of course was fine with this arrangement on an "occasional" basis but still decided to withhold £85 of my deposit.

She also decided to charge me £20 for some damage to the fridge seal. (Which the photos I took on vacating the flat on my last day show no damage). To this day I have not seen a receipt for the repair or evidence of the damage itself, she simply decided to keep my money.

During my stay there, Beverley had gone for a holiday to the Caribbean for several months and she only arrived back to London after I left the property. This was fine but she was impossible to contact most of the time. Each time I needed to contact her about something I would text her and email her and also give her a call (which she never picked up her phone) to make sure she knew I was trying to contact her and to please get back to me. Weeks would go by and nothing so much as a simply txt saying "I'll get back to you soon" was received. Just complete ignorance. I would send a followup message, text and call her and leave a voicemail. Again this was ignored.

Alexis was of a similar attitude, as Alexis took responsibility for "Handling" the repairs to the property - when I was unable to get a response from Beverley, I sent Alex a txt asking for a simple update about the repairs so that I can know that something is actually being done about it. (My messages were always courteous and professional). Alex replied to my txt soon after: "contact your landlord, im not your landlord". It was clear from then that Alex was not interested in being at all helpful.

My main issue with this property and landlord is not that repairs weren't attended to in a timely manner or even that Beverley took my money. Beverley-Anne and Alexis were just plain ignorant. Beverley clearly had no interest in managing the property, it has become apparent that she just wanted to take as much money as possible from her lodgers while putting in the least amount of effort.

After Beverley sent me an email advising that she was withholding some of my deposit, I sent her a professionally drafted email requesting the a receipt for the repair and to discuss the amounts she had decided to withhold. This email was also ignored and I have not received any reply in weeks.

Don't move in here and avoid this family all together. Dodgy and dis-honest.

Good luck finding a nice place, there are good spots and good landlords out there, I just know it! :)

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