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1. Do not rent at 153 Weber Street North

By anonymoussss - stayed here from 1st September 2015 to 1st January 2016

153 Weber Street North is not a particularly good place to live in. It’s suite-style, where everyone has a shared room, but each floor has three to four people who will share a kitchen, living area and washroom. Very nasty place, shared bathroom and kitchen which would often have maggots and flies. This is because old students renting these rooms would often leave their garbage in the closets or kitchen drawers before they move out. Many also leave rotting foods in the sink, causing very foul odours.

Sinks in the kitchen and the bathtub overflow very easily and often takes hours for the water level to go down. Toilet pressure is set very low, so if you put in even a small amount of toilet paper, it’ll begin to overflow. Some international students also leave shopping carts on the garden, due to believing that they’re allowed to take them home. Some rooms in the house don't have heaters, so you'll need to bring a portable heater to heat your room up. I had to sleep with my winter jacket because

I didn't realize how cold it would get in the winter. The balcony is just outside of the shared kitchen/bathroom area on each floor and due to very poor insulation the smoke from smokers on the same floor would go inside of the shared lobby, as well as into your rooms. Some students have bored holes through the kitchen window mesh to smoke from inside the house during cold weather.

There are laundry facilities on-site, but you’ll need to put in coins to operate and make sure that one of the other twelve tenants are not using it at the time.

Landlord charges extra $15 each month to have a cleaner come in, but even so, the shared facilities often become disgusting within a week or so. Very poor parking for the residence that is easily blocked if another vehicle is behind you. The way the parking is situated can cause others to scratch your car very easily, please observe the parking in Google Maps to see what I mean. The landlord, who you can easily find online because she's a realtor who publically advertises this property, does not keep track of who has a vehicle and who doesn't, leaving to not everybody in the house being able to get parking and also causing fights between residents.

For example, on one occasion I left in my car to go get some Tim Horton's. When I arrived home five minutes later, my parking spot was gone and I had to wait on the side of a busy intersection (where several cars almost crashed into me due to not looking properly ahead) for over two hours to wait to park my vehicle. People would set up cameras from their windows and watch when someone was leaving, that’s how bad the parking situation was. After numerous complaints I had sent to her, I observed that the landlord wasn't taking any action and moved out. When I had initially informed her of the situation, she told me to talk to the tenants myself. When I talked to the tenants, I found out that she had promised those individuals parking as well and realized she had not kept a tally of the cars of the tenants.

After speaking with the tenant again, she told me to call a towing company to remove their vehicles. After informing her that, in addition to having to spend hundreds of dollars of my own money I would also need the landlord’s signature, she said to me, “Didn’t know that!”. I strongly recommend observing houses owned by a large company who conduct business with towing companies. Students are extremely disrespectful and are awful to deal with, especially with respect to parking. Getting to work an hour late because you had to wait for someone else to move their car is an absolute no-no. But it’s ten times worse when it’s the fault of the landlord, who doesn’t keep track of the number of parking spots and tenants with cars.

The landlord didn't keep track of the cars for each tenant, leading to all the tenants fighting over a very small number of parking spots available in this unit. In fact, the landlord was even allowing some people from the other houses next door, who's parking was already full of cars, to park into our apartment's parking lot, leading to an absurd number of cars being in the lot. The worst part is that most of the time these other individuals would park their cars in the lot, blocking other cars, and then leave using the bus. I had to wait three hours for someone to come home so I could get to work, and then when I asked why that happened and what could be done to avoid that from happening again in the future, I was pretty much assaulted with a string of profanities and had the door to my own apartment slammed in my face.

I only like to get a landlord involved when I can't solve a problem, but as soon as I called this landlord, she didn't want to do anything about it. She'd only text me to ensure she obtained her payment through an online payment service. When I asked her what she'd do about the parking situation, she just said "it wouldn't happen again," even though it continued to occur several times again in the near future, with no clear action plan from her on what steps to take. A whole bunch of tenants left this apartment at once as a result, leading to her being forced to reduce her price for rent.

But even with a reduced price for rent, I wouldn't recommend renting this place. Very sketchy things seem to happen here, and the surrounding neighbourhood is also extremely sketchy. While the balcony on each floor would seem nice, it's not because other students would typically smoke. Hell, some students would smoke and leave the door to the balcony open, leading to smoke going into the tenants' bedrooms on the same floor! Very cramped living conditions, and often I would find very disgusting shared areas (disgusting washroom and kitchen). The kitchen sink would always be full with someone else's pots, and often these pots would be filled with water, leading to fruit flies and maggots going all over the sink for food.

The house really has a nasty ant problem. I filled my room with DC earth, and still ants were coming into my room like crazy due to other students dropping crumbs all over the floor in front of my room door. It's not normal - there definitely is a problem in the residence with pharoah ants. When I moved away, I found dead ants all over my cloths and luggage, you can't leave anything on the floor in this house! Not even the tables - if you're making food, you need to keep an eye on it.

The washroom itself would also be disgusting. I'd wake up early to generally find decayed feces in the toilet - nobody attends to their own messes, and the valve that controls water pressure when flushing tends to be set very low due to the landlord's cheapness, leading to people simply continuing using the toilet on top of other peoples' mess, leading to a very, very nasty toilet. I actually prefered taking my morning supplies to my workplace washroom each morning, that's how bad it was. The people in this house comprise of a very perculiar demographic, and I really cannot recommend this apartment if you have young kids or if you're young yourself.

The people in the house are really not safe to be around, generally there's a group of students smoking outside the house you always need to pass each day. They used to beg me for money each day, as soon as I stepped out of my own house! And these were the people I had to sleep on the same floor as! Even people within the apartment would go knocking on everybody's door for spare change! I had to even go as far as make several complaints with several local police department constables due to hearing sounds of couples within the residence fighting.

In this apartment, you'll see the lowest common denominator, generally students who ran away from home due to disagreements with their parents. I initially thought I could live in this house and mind my own business, but I can guarantee that trouble will find you if you rent a room in this house. I thought I was the only one with this view, but it seems there's another poster as well who had the same troubles I did. It's a cheap rent in a prime location, but if a deal's too good to be true, it is. While the location is superb, the house is filthy and it's like a struggle to go to sleep each night - you never know when somebody on your floor wants to have a rave or something crazy like that. I've had intoxicated strangers knock into my room door like crazy and play loud music at crazy hours, like 3AM.

The worst part is the landlord, who will not take the effort to do anything except send out mass emails to ensure she gets payment and to ensure you will pay for her cleaning lady who cleans the floors, which she generally has done the day before she has someone coming to look at the rooms for rent. I rented a room here for several years, and it was the worst experience I've ever had in my life. Each day, I felt like my safety was at risk, which is something that nobody should have to go through. It's not right to have to sleep with an eye open each night and worrying that the fellow next door is going to beg me for money. I've actually seen the landlord employ her tenants to clean the floors if they couldn't make the rent on time! Don’t rent at 153 Weber Street North.

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