332A-332B Richmond Road, Twickenham, TW1 2DU

Added 7th March 2014

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1. A glossy dump

By Darren - stayed here from 9th January 2013 to 31st August 2013

With a cursory glance, this flat was small but cosy. A little esoteric in some ways, but we were desperate (on housing benefits and trawling through the terrible hellholes on Gumtree), so we snapped it up.

Shortly after moving in, we realised just how terribly the flat had been maintained. The gas boiler lost pressure over the course of a few days, the sash windows were either sealed shut or almost completely rotten, and much, much more.

Having rented through Gumtree, we dealt with the landlady directly. At various points during our tenancy she accused us of being lazy because we were job seeking, and of "sitting on our arses pissing people off". To call her the single most condescending, vile human I've ever had to deal with would be an insult to the planet's most truly condescending, vile people. The council were paying her mortgage, but we were the scroungers.

All of this would have been water off a duck's back if she actually did any maintenance work, but in our six months not one thing got fixed. The gas boiler was condemned, the windows falling apart, the oven completely dead, and the washing machine unusable because the terrible drainage was eternally blocked.

She now rents the flat to her daughter, and as such has completely renovated it, but if you were to ask whether it was worth living there, I would absolutely say no. Even if it was in perfect condition, you'd still have to rent from that awful arse.

I'm giving the flat two stars. One for its close proximity to Richmond, and one for the upstairs neighbours who were utterly lovely.

Other than that, those were six of the worst months of my life.

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