49 Buckingham Road, Brighton, BN1 3RQ

Added 22nd May 2016

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1. Very fussy landlady who kept all our deposit when we moved out

By brightongirl - stayed here from 22nd May 2011 to 22nd March 2016

I lived in this property for a fairly long period of time and therefore there were signs of wear and tear in the property.

On leaving this property, the landlady made up a whole lot of things that were "missing" and gave a lot of high costs for general repairs (i.e. painting a door frame - £75), not giving any of my deposit back. As she was a live in landlady, she didn't have to put our deposit in a protection scheme, so short of taking her to court, there was nothing I could do about this.

General review - she's a very fussy lady who made living in the property not an amazing experience, the front room was very damp and she didn't give back any of the deposit. I would avoid renting this property from her.

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