3 Three Acre Close, Axminster, EX13 5GJ

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1. average house, would not recommend

By lukemclachlan - stayed here from 29th April 2014 to 29th April 2016

Very average new build with an average landlord.

First off, it is a very cold house and certainly not up to scratch with other new-builds. The floor in the kitchen is especially cold, particularly by the rear door, and black mould built up after about 6 months.

The master bedroom is small with insufficient space for a wardrobe, chest or drawers, bedside cabinets. Very cramped and certainly not a homely feel.

There is ZERO storage space for a hoover, which is awful. So we used the downstairs bathroom as our storage room, which is pretty poor when it's advertised as a three bedroom, 3 bathroom house.

The smallest bedroom is tiny and it is not a bedroom, rather a small office.

In general, it is an average house that I am very glad that I left. It's a rabbit hutch. The garden is awful and my father had to have his shoulder operated after falling on it in our garden, by virtue of 1) the very steep slope and 2) the terrible quality of the ground whereby all the grass turned to mud. The garden was re-turfed after we complained and that quickly again turned to mud.

The landlord engaged himself very little in the house. I had to pay for the watering of the garden turf. He started to put up clothes hooks in the bathrooms and got bored after drilling the holes in one door, and never came back to complete the job. He promised to plant shrubs in the garden but this never materialised. But of course when we were late with the rent his SMS arrived promptly.

The kitchen is TINY and suits more a studio apartment rather than a 3 bedroom house. The downstairs bathroom is tiny. The living room is a good size.

The only real positive: the neighbours. They are beautiful people and we miss them already.

I calculate than a fair rental for this place is £675 month, maximum £750 with a well landscaped garden.

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