66 Druid Road, Coventry, CV2 4AT

Added 3rd May 2016

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1. Parminder Bal. Worst expirence in my live. Stressful. Liar. Unprofessional

By fifarafa - stayed here from 7th July 2015 to 1st May 2016

Keep away from this guy. After a year of living in the home and the reporting of many faults, issues and problems, always getting the promises from him, were never fulfilled though fulfilling all my obligations. Dude even smack very important things like the smell of leaking gas in the house. Man is totally frivolous and is not responsible. Responding for emails sometimes after month or even never. After a year, he simply refused to give me further rent the house. The case will end for him in court. from the beginning of the house it was impossible to live. After consultation with the agency and landlord conditions I made a full home decorations. now is much better, but still needs a lot of work and repairs. I DO NOT RECOMMEND !!!!

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