Flat 2, London, W3 6EB

Added 28th April 2016

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1. A nice landlady who took great care in the flat

By feelthebern - stayed here from 1st June 2014 to 1st June 2015

The flat itself was of a good standard and the landlady was always active in getting problems sorted out in a timely manner.

A few things about the property you may not like:

- no ventilation in the bathroom, which causes a lot of damp/mould
- the bedroom/hallway also do not get much ventilation and you can smell the damp as soon as you walk in.
- it is very noisy (the flats upstairs would have parties until 3-4 in the morning almost weekly). the street was also quite loud with a lot of criminal types hanging around the betting shop just opposite the bedroom window
- overpriced for what it was, but that's London for you

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