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Added 19th April 2016

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1. Bad for your lungs

By whitefang - stayed here from 1st November 2014 to 8th April 2016

Note: this is for 2A Byam street, not 2 Byam street. But there is no 2A option in the dropdown. It's a warehouse complex with one entrance on 2A Byam street and another entrance on Kilkie street.
There is a huge warehouse complex. It gets noisy and stressful if you live there, on the other hands its spacious and warehouse living is cool, you get to meet others, etc.
I am not sure about the other flats but in my flat we had problems with the heating, electricity, mice. The person managing the flat (I don't think he's the landlord) is a bit dodgy and can be unfriendly and threatening at times.
Toilet is shared among many and sound insulation is very bad.
Bottom line is there is very little ventilation in these warehouses, so you get smells. But worse of all, I discovered that the ceiling is lined with old tiles containing asbestos. I have them in my room too and it's a very low ceiling, I bump into it all the time and there no window to clear the dust. Nobody warned me about any of this so I got exposed to asbestos unwillingly.
I put two stars because it's nice sometimes to live in a converted warehouse.
This place is very bad for your lungs.

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