26D Western Elms Avenue, Reading, RG30 2AN

Added 20th March 2016

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1. Avoid this landlord at all costs.

By berks16 - stayed here from 20th March 2016 to 20th March 2016

Landlord Alan Farrar (JKA Properties) avoid this landlord at all costs. Flat riddled with damp, mould and rats. Hundreds of pounds of our belongings had to be chucked out due to mould damage. Charges came out of deposit for miniscule things even though we had cleaned property thoroughly , charged us for damage that was already present when we took over the property. Has no respect for tenants, chucked our clothes and belongings on floor when he visited to show prospective tenants around. He refused to give us a reference to our new landlord when our tenancy ended and labelled us as nuisances, stating to new landlord that we did not turn up for checkout and that he was phoning us as he was waiting outside for 2 hours, no phone calls were made to us or mention of checkout in email exchanges sent or in person, just another way to get money from deposit because you didn't show up. This caused a lot of problems for us trying to get a new place, yet the week before us leaving he said to us that we were great tenants that he was sad to see go and asked if we would be interested in other properties he had, due to us not being interested his nasty side came out. Flat furnishings and appliances are cheap meaning they break easily and this will be taken out of your deposit. Rude and arrogant man, avoid.

Link below also shows a dispute of a previous tenant of his:


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