6 Milton Road, Oxford, OX4 3EE

Added 23rd January 2016

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1. A great place to live in

By rugarecu41 - stayed here from 1st July 2014 to 17th July 2015

Hi everybody

I stayed there for about a year and I have to say that the experience was really good as the house was in good conditions. The downside is that you have to share the house, but having the appropriate housemates, as I had, everything is happiness in that house.

On the other hand, talking about the bills attached to the house I have to say that they were very affordable as, specially gas and electricity, did not represent a huge amount of money because, for example, the house count with double glazed windows and it is very easy to heat in winter. Also, the pay as you go meters was handy at the time of keep control of the electricity and gas.

In addition, the landlord (Jamil) is very helpful and he was always willing to solve or repair anything in a short period time, he was amazing. What is more, we requested a lawnmower and we had it the next day. I truly believe that you can only expect that from a handful of good-faith landlords in the area. Similarly, my opinion can be ratified by the Council as he applied for an HMO house and it gave him a high score on their assessment.

Overall, It was wonderful to live there. If you ever see this property advertised somewhere do not think it twice, go for it!!!

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