16 Norval Road, Wembley, HA0 3TE

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1. Not all that shines is gold - Steer clear, money grabbing landlords!

By SDar - stayed here from 2nd September 2011 to 1st November 2015

The house is large with a promising exterior, but the interior is warn out and tired with dated decor. There is a large tree at the back of the very small garden; this has created subsidence to occur in the kitchen flooring. The electrics in the lower portion of the house are faulty and the circuit breaks daily. Our electrician has suggested there are internal faults which could cause a fire. There is a historical leak beneath the upstairs bathtub causing some water damage. There is a hole in the attic which was not rented to us, but which the landlady kept to store her things - this hole caused squirrels and mice to enter the house for months; this can be heard in the back bedroom, facing the garden. It makes it almost impossible to sleep till morning as you are woken up by the sound of rodents scurrying in the floorboards above. We were told by pest control that they would continue to come as they have managed to find a way in and will eventually start to gnaw at the electric cables and lighting above. The adjacent and facing house have been burgled several times (about 8 times since we were there) and car crimes in the road are above average; occurring weekly.

We were warned about the landlady by the estate agents when we viewed the house about her 'nit-pickety' and fussy nature. The landlady was a first timer in the rental industry and was moving abroad; she visited the house often without notice to visit her attic room. Her visits disrupted our normal routine and she would do 'spot inspections' around the house unannounced, including inspecting the oven! She was very intrusive. We took down some of her elephant (yes, elephant!) print curtains and kindly gave them back to her at the beginning of the tenancy, which she later accused us of stealing. We've never experienced anything quite like this before.

I would like to give zero stars, but sadly that option is not available!

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