35 Handsworth Wood Road, Birmingham, B20 2DQ

Added 15th January 2016

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1. Flat 4, 35 Handsworth Wood Road

By Vegan99 - stayed here from 28th September 2014 to 27th July 2015

The landlord is an older gentleman who is very friendly, approachable and fixed/exchanged white goods rapidly. No problems with landlord. The agency staff were friendly, also no complaints here.
Flat 4 is a really nice furnished flat with lots of sun. Heating and hot water were working well!
Surrounding area was also pleasant with bus stop in front of the house and lots of parking available.

The negative part, which made us move out as soon as possible was the soundproofing and neighbours. We could hear people talk downstairs and upstairs. We were able to hear people walk upstairs which was so unpleasant that we preferred to go to other places instead of staying home. Also, upstairs neighbours had access to fire escape and used it as a regular entrance and exit. The heavy metal door made a loud noise when shut right above the master bedroom. Also some neighbours smoked weed, sometimes coming home there was a weed smell hovering in the corridor. Maintenance team has keys to flats and just come in as they please.

I can only give two stars for this flat because of the negative part. Perhaps someone who does not care about noisy neighbours and is away most of time might be happy there. Recommended for singles as a flat share.

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