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1. Landlady is a crook - Ming Li

By Belinda - stayed here from 20th September 2010 to 20th September 2015

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We had a company let which means that the damage deposit does not need to be protected with one of the deposit agencies. Nevertheless we asked that the money be protected, which the landlady chose to put with my deposits. This is an insurance scheme and they do not actually hold the funds. At the end of the let Ming Li fabricated bizarre deductions and did not return the deposit. mydeposts were completely useless and contended that as it was a company let the deposit is not covered by them. Even though they obviously took the insurance premium off the property owner to insure the deposit they simply abdicated all responsibility. A few months before the tenancy was due to end, Ming Li had also unprotected the deposit. We were never notified as she gave a false address for the notification to be sent to - she gave the address of one of her other flats.

We are now going through court to get the damage deposit back from the owner - Ming Li. None of this should be necessary as there is not one reason for her to keep even 1p of the damage deposit - she just enjoys being difficult.

During the course of the let she did not repair essential items - such as the boiler. When we had it repaired and deducted it from her rent she threatened to change the electronic fobs on the door so that we could not get into the flat. This is harassment and threatened illegal eviction.

Plus she is too "busy" to manage the flat herself and too mean to pay somebody else to do it. If you have a problem she will send you the contact details of one of her contractors and you, the tenant, are supposed to organise the repairs yourself.

Avoid dealing with her - she has multiple flats in London and also organises flat shares.

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Reply to Belinda:
otinane said:

Hi Belinda, Did you manage to get anything back from her? I know 3 more people who become victims of this rogue landlady - Ming Li. Her approach was the same for us.

on 4th November 2017 at 1:38am