Flat C-E, London, NW1 6UH

Added 5th January 2016

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1. Infested with rodents, very noisy, smells of fish due to fish and chips

By dtimokhin - stayed here from 1st March 2015 to 5th January 2016

Flat C. This studio flat looks lovely but it is not fit for living. I viewed it on a weekend when the road was closed, but when I moved in I found it was too loud to be able to sleep. I suffered with ear plugs for 8 months now.

On top of that, all the neighbours complained about the building being infested with Rats and Mice. My studio now smells of rotting corpses of rodents and fish from the fish and chips next door. At 1460 per month this is just not worth it. Avoid unless you don't mind the noise.

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