139 Woodbine Avenue, Wallsend, NE28 8HE

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1. Nice landlord, just useless. Awful neighbours upstairs!!

By aingerd1985 - stayed here from 30th July 2015 to 10th December 2015

First thing when we moved in there was no cabling for terrestrial TV, only Virgin Media. The landlord refused to pay to get an aerial installed and only eventually after repeated hassling agreed to pay half. The flat itself is quite nice, spacious and actually very cheap on bills (we were paying £61 a month for gas, electric, phone and broadband), however after only 2 weeks of living there it became an utter utter nightmare:

1) Neighbours upstairs: new neighbours bought the flat abovenus and on their first day ripped out all the carpets and installed wood/laminate flooring. These neighbours own the flat and have 2 small children, who are constantly running and jumping around. The noise is utterly utterly unbearable and when they're really going for it the ceiling light shakes! When i informed the landlord of this his first response was; "sorry to hear that, hope you sort it out soon". As this property is not managed the agency could do absolutely nothing to help us.

The neighbours themselves are also absolutely awful. They had a broken pipe which runs above our rear door that takes waste water away from their dishwasher. This was pouring dirty water and half-eaten food all over our back door and decking for about 6 weeks until they got it fixed. We knocked on their door almost every night to get an answer on when it would be fixed, but rarely did they answer. The worst part of whcih, was when we politely asked them to arrange for the 3 windows of ours now caked in dorty water and food from their dishwasher to be cleaned. They refused!!
They also argue and raise their voices on a very regular basis and also refuse to deliver parcels that go to their house instead of yours.

2) Non-managed property: the big issue here is that the landlord lives in Spain and obviously doesnt want to pay to have the property managed. This causes major communication issues and means any problems have to try to be rectified by phone or email instead of in person. As nice a person as he is, the fact he refuses to have the property managed just makes things extremely difficult to resolve.

3) Parking: absolute nightmare and you have to be very quick to get a spot if you are a 9-5er. Traffic wardens are on the ball and you will get a penalty notice if you leave your car parked on the single yellows for a minute longer than the sign says! My car also got keyed while living at this address.

Overall the only positive thing i can say about this placenis the flat itself. However, this is massively outweighed by the awful, noisy, pig ignorant, rude neighbours living upstairs. If you like a bit of peace and quiet, this ain't the flat for you!

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