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Added 7th December 2015

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1. 56 A woodstock rd top 2 bed flat

By Danifm74 - stayed here from 1st January 2005 to 31st October 2015

I lived in the flat nearly 10 years and rent was 1300 pcm (300 per week) . The flat was very cold ,damp and had black mould coming through the walls,rotten single glazed windows and we always seemed to have a mouse problem.The rent was fair but I wouldn't pay a penny more for the state it was in. We did a lot of painting and diy on the place ourselves as agency and landlord were reluctant to. We were given notice to leave as the new landlord wanted to renovate the place.A month later the place was up for rent with a £700 monthly rent hike.
If renting this place I would first find out whats been done about the mould, damp,windows and ventilation in bathroom and not get fooled by just a lick of paint....

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