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Added 30th November 2015

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1. 853 Baltimore Wharf

By Alau59732 - stayed here from 3rd July 2014 to 2nd July 2015

The managing estate agency Chase Evans were professional and dealt with organisation of viewings and inventory swiftly. However towards the end of my tenancy, I was contacted by another member of the Chase Evans Docklands branch regarding organising viewings for another potential tenant. The agent was less professional and did not respond to emails, which gave the impression that my good initial contact with Chase Evans was only due to luck. The agent continued to ignore my emails from then on.

Flat 853 was cleaned exceptionally well on the day of move in. However on check out, I was charged for damage made to individual floor tiles which were present on move in. You would not expect the inventory clerk to individually check all floor tiles, but she did apparently, and I was charged a hefty amount for seemingly standard wear and tear.

Concierge are extremely helpful, as per Ballymore developments. The development itself is well taken care of, and any problems with lift and communal areas are dealt with quickly. One point to take note of however is that the flat and corridor are extremely warm during the summer months - do not ignore this, as there is no air conditioning built into the flat, and so can get very warm.

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