35 Beatrix Place, Bristol, BS7 0AE

Added 23rd November 2015

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1. Horrible Landlord who doesn't do repairs

By theengineer22 - stayed here from 3rd September 2015 to 23rd November 2015

When signing my contract i was assured by the agent (who speaks very poor English )that the agency and landlord will make sure that all required repairs will be done.
In reality part of the hob ,dishwasher and part of the lighting installation have been broken since i moved in.
I asked the landlord to do the required repairs yet nothing was done after living at the place for 3 months.
In addition the washing machine broke and we have been waiting for days to get a fix.
The agent and cleaner have access to the house at all times and some stuff has gone missing from the kitchen.The rooms don't have locks which is odd for a house share.
The fridge that we have in the kitchen is very small and can't accommodate 4 people.

The rent is extortionate £500-600 per month compared to other houses in the area which are £300-450.
Also the way the electricity is set up is really strange as its a prepaid service and when it runs out the power goes off and we have to go recharge it at a Co-Op...which is very inconvenient if this happens in the middle of the night.
Also this might be tricky for any credit checks as you don't have any electricity ,gas or council tax bills in your name.

I highly advise you avoid the agency Bristol Rentals & Stak Property Investors Ltd.

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