Flat A, Coventry, CV5 6JQ

Added 11th November 2015

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1. Avoid at all costs!!

By Pai - stayed here from 7th November 2014 to 6th November 2015

This is without a doubt the worst property I've ever rented.

When I first viewed the place, there was a smell of fresh paint and it appeared clean. However, this impression was very short lived. During me first few nights, I kept being wakened by the (extremely loud) scratching of rodents in the property. I contacted the landlord, who called an exterminator to remove the problem. However, the building is very porous to rodents, and being the ground floor flat, putting poison down was an extremely temporary solution. An exterminator came a second time and made a number of recommendations on how to stop rodents entering the building, however the landlord would not carry them out. Finding mouse dropping in my cutlery drawer 11 months into my tenancy is a memory that still makes me retch!

The second major problem is that the old flat has not been damp coursed, and the freshly painted walls quickly give way to built up mould, as it emerges to the surface. A problem the previous tenants also had (as well as the rodents), and was literally glossed over – ok perhaps it was emulsion. Nevertheless, living here means one has to continually fight mould on the walls and try to bring the room humidity down from 80%+. I bought a good Meaco dehumidifier, which I run almost continuously (at quite an expense) and it made very little difference. Be particularly careful with furniture you have up against a wall – if, of course, you are unfortunate enough to live there.

I'm very glad a sight like this exists so that tenants can communicate the issues that landlords and letting agents just want to cover up. Don't make the same mistake I did – avoid this place!!

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