50 Whitby Road, Manchester, M14 6GH

Added 10th November 2015

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1. Chucked out

By Yas_jour - stayed here from 1st February 2014 to 18th August 2014

Everything seemed fine with this place - until we heard through a friend of a friend that the landlord had signed a contract with some students to move in at the start of September. The agent denied this was true until we proved it was. We finally received official notice of this over a month after we'd first found out. The agent said we were all good tenants - I presume the landlord wanted to chuck us out because all our bills were included in the rent, and with students there wouldn't be any council tax. I'm willing to bet they paid/are paying the same amount of rent as us, but without council tax being charged to the landlord.

Oh, also there was a leak from the toilet which we repeatedly asked to be properly fixed which never was. As a result, one day it leaked through the ceiling, covering the kitchen floor in a good couple of inches of water. The builder contracted by the agent who came round said they'd have to replace the whole ceiling - the agent said there was no need, and told him just to repaint it once the floorboards have dried out. This was just before we were due to move out, so they knew they could get away with not fixing it as the new tenants were unaware of the issue. They did put in a new toilet though.

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