209 Lord Granville Dr, Morehead City, 28557-8954

Added 6th November 2015

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1. very friendly

By katie M - stayed here from 1st August 2012 to 27th July 2017

This complex was very friendly and handled maintenance issues in a timely manner. Good location and price. This website keeps changing the address. This should be for Charleston apartments. 2311 Massillon St, Findlay, OH 45840

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2. Not worth it

By Tmeeder - stayed here from 1st August 2014 to 1st June 2017

The home and neighborhood are beautiful, but the landlords sour the deal. They're dishonest and will use any and every excuse to keep your deposit. They were unreasonable and difficult to deal with the entire time we lived there. Expect incessant phone calls, and unscheduled drop-ins, and unreasonable requests (like using command hooks to hang all your pictures and decorations instead of nails). They have a history of seeking out military families, so be careful. Oh, and there's no golf course view like the listing says.

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3. Concentration Camp

By crazygamer22 - stayed here from 1st June 2016 to 25th December 2016

Stay far away! The main tennant Eric controls the house. Lots of rules! No TV is ever allowed on without headphones, and that includes no music ever. However, he can do all that no worries. He will shout and yell a lot.
- Mould is everywhere! Ceiling, carpets and walls
- Eric hates christmas, even after allowing us to put up a tree and decorations he freaked out the following day and changed his mind he threw it downstairs - which was offensive and insulting (as its my religion and right)
- Main tenant is epic bipolar and pretty sure he has a mental illness
- Trees and roots growing out of the garage roof
- The main tenant Eric has a SILENCE rule after 10pm, 7 days. So you have to have friends and family leave even if its a weekend.
- He keeps his printers working all night, no consideration. He also blasts techno music.
- There's a rule where you cannot cook or make any food during the day, as he is working. So you have to try and eat sandwiches on the floor.
- My roommates and I were eating Dinner and quietly talking on a Thursday night at 6:30pm and he came in and freaked out on us that we were weren't quiet and told us that NONE IS ALLOWED TO BE UPSTAIRS!
- Tiles in the shower are rotting and falling off
- House stinks of old food
- Shower downstairs barely functions, sewage drain stinks
- Eric forces you to park NOT IN THE MAIN DRIVEWAY
- Not allowed to go into the Garage EVER
- He places notes around saying if we don't close a door he will charge us $30 extra bucks (which is illegal)
- Place is literally nearly condemned.
- Plumber has been called 3 times in just 4 months
- Electrical work is faulty, can't use most of the powerpoints.
- He puts notes everywhere and send long text messages, very odd and creepy behavior.

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4. Love this place

By AnneSide217 - stayed here from 15th July 2015 to 15th September 2016

This a great first apartment! Rent covered all utilities, which is load off the mind. The front office is great with concerns and questions. Never had a problem with getting things fixed, which rarely happened. Neighbors are great! I love calling this place home!

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5. Landlord only interested in making money // Not helpful with repairs or fair with refunds

By allysonpaigewatson - stayed here from 9th May 2015 to 15th July 2016

I lived in 1914 Brimberry with Tony as my landlord for a little over a year. I was very disappointed in his lack of attentiveness to the property. He rarely would make repairs when we requested them (for example- we had a leak in the back room that was never repaired and we paid him extra to keep our lawn and though we asked him to fix some things with the pond in the back yard, he never did). The next-door neighbor seems to be involved in suspicious activity with drugs. People were constantly coming by in 20 minute intervals. We had a couple of negative experiences with them that I won't mention here.

Most disappointing to us was the trouble is always was to get Tony to do the right thing. We left the property in better condition than we found it, so much so that his agent was AMAZED at the condition of the property when we moved out, yet Tony kept a portion of our deposit because we left a couple of bags of trash behind and forgot to clean the oven. Despite my offering to come take care of these oversights, he ignored me and withheld deposit.

I wouldn't recommend this property. The lawn guy he hired for us left the gate open in the backyard (we didn't even know who was coming over or who we would find in our backyard), and my dog got out without me knowing and got hit on 43rd street and died. Probably one of the hardest things to go through and when I approached him about the incident, it didn't change the way our lawn was managed.

Lots of disappointments overall.

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6. HOA and Parking enforcement creates terrible atmosphere

By gaborfulop - stayed here from 22nd December 2014 to 14th May 2016

Ek Properties was ok, but the HOA and the parking enforcement are so brutal, you feel like you are being protected by thugs that steal from you. The police stopped one towing and now we were towed by Reliant Parking without explanation or violation of rules. After 18 months, and another senseless towing and expense, we have decided to move. We only hope you see this review before choosing to move in.

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7. 1729 Herman Street, Nashville, TN 37208 (Landlord: Lisa Smith)

By atenant - stayed here from 6th June 2013 to 6th November 2015

Do not rent from this landlord by the name of Lisa Smith. She is one of the worst landlords you will ever meet. She comes into your home unannounced and does random inspections to snoop or go through your belongings. She has a very controlling and micromanaging demeanor/personality. If you let her, she will try to control your life. You will never feel at home or safe. Also, there is this creepy guy that mows the lawn for the property and watches the female tenants at all times of the day. The landlord relies on him for gossip about the tenants. If he or she does not like you or if you upset either one of them, then you will be evicted from your residence on the spot.

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8. 671 N Lewis Rd in Limerick, Pa - Old, damaged home! Mold, termites, bugs! Nasty house!

By mattdb58 - stayed here from 3rd March 2014 to 30th June 2014

671 N Lewis Rd in Limerick, Pa 19468 - We lived there for a short period of time. The place is disgusting, they paint over rotting walls, there is termite damage all over the garage, and the house squeaks really bad. The front steps are constantly patched since they are damaged and the driveway is torn apart and also patched. The house has a slight leak on the roof and water comes in as there is problems in the basement with moisture. The landlord is literally next door, he has a business there but doesn't care about heat not working or central A/C going out. We told him multiple times that the unit is malfunctioning and nothing was done, he doesn't care about the home. I was recently told he is selling this house now and just basically put new carpet and new paint to cover mold on walls and rotting floor. I feel bad for the next tenant or people buying this rotting place. STAY AWAY!

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