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1. Great apartment, lovely landlady, fantastic neighbours.

By Cinari - stayed here from 5th November 2014 to 5th June 2015

I stayed in this apartment for just over 6 months. The apartment consists of one double bedroom with en suite (large bath, bad shower, but the bath makes up for it and toilet) and small washer/dryer room, one small toilet room, kitchen/diner.

The bedroom is a little awkward (it has 4 doors) but it's a nice size with some really nice wood flooring/features and inbuilt book shelves. Very quiet, with a nice view out the back. It doesn't get a lot of light though, but that's not always a bad thing.

The en-suite bathroom is a nice perk, but fair warning the water/toilet isn't plumbed into the mains. It runs through a macerator (I affectionately call this thing a poop blender, as it's basically a large noisy blender that, well... blends poop/toilet paper and feeds it into a tiny tube that eventually feeds into the main plumbing) that is noisy and prone to breaking. Basically what I'm saying is DO NOT POOP in the en-suite, do nothing but pee, and use the softest of toilet paper or you will block the macerator and that will result in the bathtub/shower/kitchen being unusable until it can get fixed.

Second bathroom is off the hall, it has a small toilet and a tiny sink. Pretty useless, but you can poop in this one as it's plumbed properly into the mains. It's very nice as a 'public bathroom' for guests.

Living room: Living room is done to a nice high standard, good flooring, decent size and some truly lovely features. The light from the windows is fantastic in the morning.

Kitchen: The kitchen smooshed into the corner of the living room and it has very little storage. If you like take out, you won't care but if you're like me and enjoy a full sized fridge freezer, coffee machine, kettle, toaster, microwave, blender etc it won't fit into this kitchen. Nor will you have room for all the cutlery, food, pots, pans or anything else.

However, the neighbors are fantastic, friendly but not intrusive. They look out for one another and are trust worthy. The landlord herself is great, she's professional but friendly and if you have an issue she will do everything to help you sort it out. One of the best landlords I've ever had.

The only cons to this property are:
It's right next to two schools so there's screaming children on weekdays.
Poop blender.

Everything else is a pro!

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