2/1 6 Brick Lane, Paisley, PA3 4AE

Added 3rd November 2015

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1. Decent inside, but beware the biohazards.

By Cinari - stayed here from 5th June 2015 to 3rd November 2015

This property is very nice inside for the price. It's done to a decently high standard, excluding the bathroom which is old, falling apart and was infested with wood worm when I first moved in. To be absolutely fair the landlord did sort this out.

The windows are very good at keeping out the noise and cold, but unfortunately when the wind blows it gets in behind the boiler in the bathroom and shrieks through the walls.

The flooring is all wooden and done to a nice standard, very easy to keep clean. No damage to it.

The main pro's of this property are:
Nice, big kitchen with plenty of storage.
Large rooms, hall and kitchen.
Decorated to a good standard.
Fantastic windows.
Great internet options.
Very good price.
Close to the train station (5 min walk, max).

The bathroom is horrible. Broken, small bathtub. Cracked floors, damaged shower, boiler above bath, no shower rail/curtain.
The landlord/agency is extremely slow at replying to issues, and unprofessional when they do respond.
House shrieks when it's windy.
The door isn't secure, it's a plank of food with hinges that leaks light and smells around all four sides.
The neighbors on the same lvl are lovely, but the people above have dogs that scream constantly and defecate/urinate in the close every day. Neighbors directly above are very noisy all night, and put laundry on at 1am like clockwork.
The pub across the street is noisy and generally has at least a little trouble every night.
The back "garden" is a bio-hazard. Pretty sure mutant rats have evolved among the piles of trash.
The close always smells like animal feces, which leaks into the house because of the low-grade front door.

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