25 Hassett Road, London, E9 5SW

Added 27th October 2015

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1. Rogue Landlord

By titusn - stayed here from 29th June 2015 to 6th September 2015

At first everything seemed good, I moved in and did some painting to the room because I was promised a contract of at least 3 months and I wanted to stay for a while there. They didn't give me any contract, gave me false names, didn't answer the phone for a long time and they called me back only when my rent was due. After 8 weeks of stay they told me to move because the room need maintenance works to commence. I was very disappointed that they didn't provide any contract and after a few weeks they kick me out. After I moved in no maintenance works were done, his nephew moved into my room. He tried to retain some of my deposit, but because we didn't sign any contract he can't legally do that. In the end he decided not to give any of my deposit back, so I was forced to sue him along with several others that stayed there as a collective. It's a bit of a struggle, but worth it because he is suspected of tax fraud.

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