12 Rosford Avenue, Manchester, M14 7BW

Added 25th October 2015

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1. Homely, well equipped, pleasant and responsive landlord/landlady

By susiewallace - stayed here from 10th May 2014 to 9th May 2015

This house was the first I rented in Manchester, and also the landlord/landlady's first let. I was impressed by the organisation of our rental. All the paperwork relating to the property was given to us in a folder, and we had sets of keys given to each of us on arrival which was nice. The property was very homely and had a great kitchen. The landlady/landlord had also been very thoughtful in their provision of furniture, there was a nice dining table and chair set, bookshelves, wardrobes and even a new whirly-gig washing line in the garden. The neighbours on either side were also extremely nice. There was adequate parking in front of the property and it was a very quiet road. The owners were very quick to sort out any maintenance issues we had with the property. We had to move from work but would recommend this property to anyone else.
My only negative comment was that the landlady/landlord were overly anxious about the property and our presence in it, but we put that down to this being the first time they had rented out the property.

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