194 Station Road, Harpenden, AL5 4UL

Added 17th October 2015

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1. Lovely cottage - shame about the exit

By paulcurtis83@gmail.com - stayed here from 27th July 2014 to 20th April 2015

This is a lovely little cottage in Harpenden. The property is a two up two down cottage, with a lovely kitchen and fabulous wood burning stove.

The garden is a lovely space though we actually had to do a lot of work on it in order to make it something really enjoyable.

The biggest downside was the bathroom - it is freezing in the winter as it is effectively in a rennovated extension!

Another point of concern is the damp. This was really abundant during the winter, and while we tried to open the windows, it is obviously hard to achieve during the winter!

On exit are landlords were very unforgiving when it came some damage on the kitchen worksurfaces. Much of this damage was present prior to the our arrival, as noted on the inventory, but the landlord choose to ignore this fact and push for a deposit collection. We won the case, which I guess means I was right!

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