22 St. Johns Road, Scarborough, YO12 5ET

Added 15th October 2015

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1. Room for improvement.

By Jonathanwood - stayed here from 4th February 2015 to 15th October 2015

The previous tenant had been in the house for approximately 11 years. I inspected the property in September 2014. The house was uninhabitable. The previous tenant's rent was £110 a week. I had assurances that the house would be refurbished and the considerable damp problems would be rectified. I was not sure this would be the case. When the landlord had completed their promised refurbishment I decided to pay £330 for a full survey of the property. The survey showed a high level of damp and significant other structural defects. Although these issues had been known to the landlords from the original survey in 2000 they were reluctant to undertake the work. I had to apply significant pressure to ensure that they did meet their responsibilities to me as a tenant.
I pay £440 a month for this two bedroom terrace house which at present is adequate. The landlords have two other properties in the town and I would suspect that there are similar problems with those.

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