8 Burghill Road, Bristol, BS10 6NQ

Added 22nd September 2015

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1. First Floor Flat

By Arty - stayed here from 1st July 2007 to 22nd September 2015

Roomy flat, with built-in cupboards which are very useful. Flat quite cold in winter despite central heating because it's a 1930s build. Some issues with damp which landlord had not remedied when I left (when I mentioned it in 2010 he told me it had always been a damp flat. Wish I'd have known that when I moved in). Large garden at rear of property is all gravelled over and not easy to look after.
One word of advice: be very careful of the landlord and his wife, as they also rent the property directly beneath this and are VERY friendly with that tenant. Given that the soundproofing between the two flats is virtually non-existent, anything overheard by that tenant goes back to the landlord. Unfortunately, the things which are said are often total lies which landlord believes (they both lied to me when I took the property, telling me that they had spent more than £22k on it. If they did, they were well ripped off). Be very wary of them and don't gossip about anything to that tenant. Landlord's wife is awful, a real neurotic and a trouble-maker. I was given two months' notice of a rent rise last August, rising from £600 a month to £700 from October. Reason for this is because landlord has admitted to getting advice of lettings agents and said he could get more for the flat. He also said the council wanted all the flats in the road to have work done, and the rent rise was to help with that. He did not mention the nine years of rent, amounting to roughly £57,000, which I paid on the flat during my tenancy, and nothing has been said about the whereabouts of this although I gather he has had his own rather lovely home re-roofed, his boat maintained yearly, and he and his wife took a three-week cruise last year, as well as buying a new car about three years ago (how else can a retired man afford to have all those things done if, as he claims, he is a poor old, sick man?). Didn't fix the faulty electric shower for seven months and when it was dismantled it was discovered that water had been flowing within millimetres of the electric wiring. The last straw was in 2013, when I returned from a hospital stay to discover that my properly had been entered, without force, so a key was used, and certain items taken. I informed the police and during the course of the investigation one of the investigating officers had to speak with the landlord about replacing the lock barrel on my front door and the officer strongly advised him to not give anyone a spare key. When the officer then rang me to update me on events, he said he had contacted the landlord whom he described as "highly unpleasant" but would not tell me what the landlord had said, which was rather telling. When the landlord came around to replace the lock barrel, he complained that it had cost him all of £15. The reason I could not leave was because I could not afford anywhere else to live, as my job was not well paid enough. I believe I got my deposit back only because I sent for the police and was ready to take it further, and they didn't want bad publicity.
If you ever think about renting this place, always be on your guard. It might be worth trying to get him to get rid of that awful pantry in the kitchen and get that small window sealed up. He said he would do that nine years ago and still hadn't when I left. I gave this one star for the review, not because of the state of the flat, but because of the landlord and his wife.

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