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1. ASDA Hell

By Cosmopolymath - stayed here from 28th November 2014 to 26th August 2015

Since we've moved out of the property I believe it has been sold on to someone else. Hopefully if they rent it out they will resolve a large number of the issues with the property before they consider renting it on to anyone else.

There were three significant problems with the property whilst living there.

2. The Letting Agency.
3. The Kitchen.

Whilst the property overall was pretty shabby it would have been livable if the other issues weren't as bad.

ASDA is a major problem for the property as it is right next to the car park and there is far too much noise coming from it over night for the person in the bedroom at the rear of the property to get a decent nights sleep. The fights; screeching car tyres and the constant noise will eventually get to even the most calm and relaxed of people. I think the only real solution might be new windows to dampen the sound and perhaps thick curtains or blinds (which weren't available due to the shoddy curtains that were already there).

Since the property has been sold this may no longer be a problem but Belvoir have been by far the most useless dishonest of all letting agencies that I've dealt with. They claimed a fee for inspecting the property but on moving in we found that they hadn't inspected (as they'd charged us for) as keys were missing, the kitchen (more later on this) was in an awful state and the pay as you go meters were all on emergency credit so to get gas and electric we had to pay over £60 just to get back to zero and have credit to use. The letting agency and landlord had been running it on emergency credit and expected the new tenant just to pick up the bill.

The kitchen worksurfaces and cupboards were falling apart. There was a dubious and unsafe electrical cabling running to the fridge and eventually the cooker was declared unsafe by a British Gas engineer (again bear in mind they charged for inspection).

So if this property comes back on the market check the following.

1. Is it better soundproofed against the noise from ASDA?
2. Has the kitchen been gutted and fully replaced.

Oh and make sure they've got new carpets as they were vile.

Whilst the property itself might be salvageable I would definitely recommend avoiding Belvoir who (curiously until we left) were shockingly disorganized and made moving into the property immensely stressful.

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