40 Farnell Road, Isleworth, TW7 6EX

Added 19th August 2015

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1. Run fast, run far. You are a walking ATM and nothing more.

By estherharvey92@gmail.com - stayed here from 3rd November 2014 to 15th August 2015

Been renting since 1994 and this is hands down the worst I've experienced - and I once lived in a squat. Got the place through an agency who scarpered the second the holding deposit money hit their account, advising me that any issues were to be addressed to the landlord (who lives in the adjoining house). You're in a bit of a dodgy set up as the flat is actually a study, as far as anyone at the council is concerned, and you have no access to control your heating. They do. So enjoy the freezing cold mornings - even in Summer. Oven and grill never worked, lots of signs of shoddy workmanship (lots of cracks in the walls, etc). They said on many occasions 'this is OUR home' whenever I made a polite request for music to be turned down at 12 at night, doors being slammed, hoovering outside my door at 1am so you just have to put up with it. Oh, and the flat is right underneath the bedroom of their little boy. Cute kid but he runs back and forth for AGES above you and it feels like being in that scene in The Grudge. Oh and they have a baby too - again, cute but loud. And you're in the flight path of Heathrow so you'll have planes every 2-3 minutes right above you. And there's an active sewage works up the road that smells unspeakable. When you eventually decide you've had enough and ask the errant agency how to get the hell out mid contract, you'll be threatened with Section 21 - weirdly - with no reasoning other than they want you out (never ever had any issues with landlords before so mystifies me). But they'll mess with your head by sending you twee little texts peppered with homilies about respect and other assorted bible thumpy twaddle.

They wont give you a reference, even though you paid rent every month two days before due date. They'll text you to say there's a viewing that night (not the formal 24hrs) while you are at work - even when you say it's not enough notice, they'll go ahead anyway and mess with your stuff too.

It's an absolute nightmare - landlord is very immature and has zero understanding of tenancy law and will treat you like he's doing you a favour - not as someone paying a lot of money for the privacy and peace a flat should afford. I feel stupid for having been a good, clean, paying tenant - barely made a sound, never had anyone over....still no reference and majorly out of pocket. I should have just gone wild and run a dog fighting ring or knocking shop.

Legally 'intentionally homeless' now......but so happy am free

Zero stars

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