68 Cholmeley Road, Reading, RG1 3NB

Added 12th August 2015

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1. Dodgy landlord

By Ramsey - stayed here from 8th August 2014 to 7th August 2015

We moved in to a dump with endless problems. After asking Patricia Diggins (landlady) to fix those problems, we were spoken to rudely and nothing ever got done, so we fixed it all ourselves. Despite changing the property into a liveable dwelling. Pat decided to take £85 from our deposit for 'cleaning' without any real justification. She does the labour on the house herself and is way below professional standards. The doors don't close properly and the wall paint is completely botched. There was not fire alarm, but a loose electrical fitting handing from the ceiling - she never fixed this or supplied us with fire alarms. Avoid this landlord at all costs!

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