33 Burnside Walk, Aberdeen, AB21 7HD

Added 11th August 2015

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1. Do Not Rent Here!

By Dazi_17 - stayed here from 1st October 2014 to 7th August 2015

The flat itself was very nice and brand new. The issue is the landlord. They were badly organised and never had any involvement with us throughout our stay. It wasn't until we moved out that the issues began. As expected we cleaned the flat before we left, leaving it in the same condition it was as we moved in. Unfortunately the landlord threatened to charge us for a cleaner to be brought in as he stated it was not up to standard. He then gave us only one day as an alternative to come and "do a better job" of cleaning the flat despite being well aware my flat mate and I work shifts. The landlord is incredibly rude and very disrespectful. As tenants my flat mate and I never caused any issues at all and to be treated like this as soon as we moved out was not only surprising but very disappointing. The rent for this property is incredibly high for the area too, and nothing is provided by the landlord. DO NOT LIVE HERE! You've been warned!

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