12 Park Lodge, Hove, BN3 6NF

Added 24th July 2015

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1. Beautiful little flat, and wonderful landlord

By rudderless - stayed here from 2nd March 2012 to 24th July 2015

We are really sad to be moving out of this little flat. It's so light and airy with beautiful views south over Cardinal Newman school and out to sea. In the summer you can have the french doors open to the balcony which is lovely.
And the landlord (Mr Kiani) is a really honest, decent man - very rare for a landlord these days it seems.
The neighbours were all very friendly to us and we had no trouble at all with nosie etc.
The only issue we had in the first year was increasing black condensation on the walls, especially behind book cases etc. However, we applied a coat of the mould protection white paint that is available from Wickes and there hasn't been a trace of condensation since.
Truely sad to be leaving this flat - highly recommend.

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